What’s Coming Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  We have another big wedding weekend ahead of us and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Take a moment and meet some of our fabulous couples tying the knot this weekend and check back on Monday to see some fun sneak peeks of their big days!

brownFirst up are Tara + Nate getting married  at the Clover Forest Plantation in Goochland, Virginia! We will be creating a beautiful, soft, romantic ambers to enjoy throughout the night! We will also be providing chandeliers to really make their big day sparkle! We can’t wait to see all the photos from Don Mears Photography!

niblettNext we’d like you to meet Alisha + Justin!  These love birds are getting married this Saturday at the Hermitage Country Club in Richmond, Virginia!  We will be filling their venue with soft pinks and ambers then changing it up for their special dances with purples and blues! To make their ceremony pop as well,  we will be putting in a custom drape design! We’re excited to see how it all comes together!

jonesNow we’d like to introduce you to Katie + Lucas who are tying the knot at the Signature at West Neck in Virginia Beach, Virginia!  Through out the night we will be lighting romantic ambers and pinspots on their centerpieces that will really make all of their decor stand out! That combined with their dance floor wash will really highlight all the special moments of the night! We are so excited to see how Amanda Hedgepeth Photography captures the big day!

yesterUp nest are our wonderful couple Katie + Billy who are throwing their big day celebration at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia this Saturday!  This venue has gorgeous scenery and will will be highlighting it all with some landscape lighting to show it off even after the sun goes down!  We will also be hanging string bulbs inside their tent and over the patio to tie everything together!

1233955_10151875218039666_201597431_nNow say hello to our couple Crystal + Jeff who will be getting married this Saturday with a reception to follow at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia! We will be mixing ambers, purples, and blues for a magical look through out the night as well as a dance floor was to make their big moments event more special! We are so excited to get all the photos back from Will King Photography!

407707_4850892713887_835414754_nLast, but certainly not least, we’d like you all to meet Sarah+ Neil who will be have a beautiful wedding at the Inn at Willow Grove in Charlottesville, Virginia! We will also be incorporating some soft, elegant ambers for this event but will be adding lantern throughout the event space for a very stylish look.  We will be placing landscape lighting around the grounds as well so the guest will be able to enjoy how gorgeous the venue is! We will be waiting anxiously to get the photos back from Don Mears Photography!

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