What’s Coming Up Wednesday!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! We are beyond excited for our three couples tying the knot this weekend!  We have tons of prep going on today to make sure they all go off without a hitch!  Let’s take a few minutes to introduce the future newlyweds!

kkPmml6JU_plf5m4ke2ZXcu70zftKP0HMa9IEZl4u3IFirst up are Joanna + Nathan!  These two are getting married this Friday at the Hermitage Museum + Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia! They are holding their wedding in a tent, so we will be providing string bulbs to give it a soft glow! To highlight the gorgeous grounds, we will be placing some landscape lighting combined with lanterns for a STUNNING effect!! We can’t wait to see the photos from Kaitlin Phillips Photography!

H-cCrp8YBjq_CNEYatxOWEbzl4OVKIk-1rFq3wyhhGgNext up are Tara + John!  These two will be getting married this Saturday at the Hermitage Museum + Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia as well!  They have decided to create a string bulb design to really make their reception look amazing!  We will be highlighting the stunning grounds with landscape lighting as well for their guests to really enjoy all the details of the venue! We’re excited to see how Chris Bovaria captures all the moments of their big day!

z-xE4WjOptJwTgIZLobR_LVNbRtaLbd1UaQaA5scmCELast, but definitely not least are Laura + Brad!  These lovebirds are celebrating their big day this Saturday at the Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia!  We will be filling their space with soft colors to create a beautiful ambiance for everyone to enjoy! That, combined with a custom gobo and elegant dance floor wash will make all their special dances look amazing! We can’t wait to see how it all comes together!  We will be waiting anxiously for the photos from Justin Hankins Photography!

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