What’s Coming Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  It’s the middle of a very busy work week and we’re excited to take a break to share how excited we are for our couples tying the knot this weekend!  Check back on Monday for some fun sneak peaks of their big days!

lopezFirst up, we’d like you to meet Vivian + Allen!  They will be celebrating their big day at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, VA! We’re so excited to light this space for them as it really give the venue an extra POP of fun! The landscapes is full of so many natural colors that it really looks amazing when you translate it indoors! We can’t wait to see how it all looks in the end and to see all the photos!

WilhoitNext, we’d like you to welcome our sweet couple Caroline + Sean!  They will be holding their big day event at the gorgeous Cavalier and Golf Club in Virginia Beach, VA!  We always love lighting this venue because it looks completely different with every event!  This weekend we will be keeping it very classic with soft, romantic ambers to warm the space for their friends + family to enjoy!  Combined with a dance floor monogram, we know it will all look stunning and we will be waiting very anxiously to see all the photos!

vanzettaNow we would like to you meet Janine + Christopher!  They are tying the knot at the Two Rivers Country Club in Williamsburg, Va! With the help of Windy Jennings of LK Events, this wedding is sure to be a success from start to finish!  We will be providing uplighting to create a beautiful ambiance throughout the event, as well as dance floor dimming to really high light all of the special moments during the night!

fordAnd last, but certainly not least, we would like you to meet our wonderful couple Kelley + Justin!  They will be celebrating at the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk, VA!  It’s no secret that we enjoy lighting the beautiful venue!  We will be highlighting the grounds to show off the beautiful landscape while also providing a string bulb design for the bride, groom and all their guests to enjoy!  We can’t wait to see the photos from this amazing night!

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