What’s Coming Up Wednesday!

W H A T ‘ S    C O M I N G    U P   W E D N E S D A Y !

We have a busy wedding weekend ahead of us!  We’re excited for all of our wonderful couples and can’t wait to see all the final results! Check back on Monday to see all the sneak peeks!

unnamed-1Starting our weekend off are Leliyah + Ronté this Thursday!  They will be tying the knot at the lovely Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach, Virginia!  With touches of red to create a regal glow throughout the room, it will sure be a show stopper for all of their guests to enjoy!  We’re so excited to see how Keith Cephus Photography captures on their big day!  They have been so much fun to work with that we just know their wedding will be a success for not only them, but their friends + family as well!  It will be the perfect kick start to our wedding weekend!

PNiyFsaem1Imrm0BQYiwiwQVc9M8to3IcwntaURbvwsNow lets meet our Saturday couples!  Starting us off are Lauren + Philip!  These two are celebrating their big day at the Norfolk Yacht Club in Norfolk, Virginia!  We are beyond excited to see how all of the designing for their wedding comes together!  With hanging crystal votives mixed with a gorgeous candlelight glow, it is going to look stunning!  Echard Wheeler has been chosen as their photographer, and we will be waiting anxiously to see all the photos!  The custom design will definitely take your breath away!

XQYGa7NIEyA5PcrremZLYN6hIUWDfX7a8z7keefWo2QNext up are Ena + JT!  This amazing couple are getting married at the always beautiful Hotel John Marshall in Richmond, Virginia!  They have been such a fun and easy couple to work with that we can’t wait to see how their vintage style wedding all comes together!  With a beautiful custom monogram teamed up with purple uplighting, the John Marshall will be transformed into a space just for them! We’re excited to see all the photos from the big day!

unnamedNow we’d like to introduce our wonderful couple Lauren + Michael!  These two will be tying the knot at the Tuckahoe Plantation in Richmond, Virginia!  With the help of the always helpful + wonderful Cordial Cricket, their wedding is sure to be a success!  We will be incorporating some landscape lighting to highlight the gorgeous grounds as well as some lovely string bulbs to grace both the inside and outside of the tent! We can not wait to share all of the photos with you all!

j0oEAVIJmsutdgwNtWPL5bpmmAt32AP3OaiKQ6VaeSMNext, we’d like you to say hello to Emily + John!  They are getting married at the classic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia!  They also have created a custom monogram for their guests to enjoy on the dance floor! Combined with soft blushes, their wedding with have a romantic, chic ambiance that is always so beautiful in person and photos! We’re looking forward to seeing all the photos from David Champagne Photography!

xKiyPYwj-2SXOvhLtJex5T-glhm5VP7BAKvxUHOR4x0Now give a warm welcome to Julie + Tim!  They will also be celebrating their wedding at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia!  Only they will be in the lovely Empire Room!  They have chosen a traditional monogram for the dance floor which will go perfectly with the soft pinks and amber ambiance!  The space will feel warm + inviting for all their friends and family to enjoy!  They have chosen PW Photography to capture their day, so we know all their photos will look amazing and we  can’t wait to view them all!

wwr1H2sh4wVeD6c7cN5stF5XvcbNy-6tpezdCmbdaGwWrapping up our Saturday weddings are Leah + Adam!  They will be having their big day at the beautiful Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach, Virginia!  They will be creating a very chic look in their space with a candlelight glow mixed with beautiful paper lanterns over the dance floor for all the fun events!  They have Jillian Michelle Photography shooting their wedding, and based on their engagement photos, the wedding pics are going to be gorgeous!

BrownNow it’s time for our Sunday festivities!  First up are Mariah + Jesse!  Saying this is a fun couple just doesn’t do them justice!  They’ve kept us laughing from the very start and we know that will all translate into their big day! They’ve chosen the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia to celebrate their big day! To enhance the space, they chose to create a custom gobos with lots of meaning to shine on the walls throughout the evening, which is what we are most excited to see! Combine that with lots of color and string bulbs and their wedding is sure to be a great time!

aj3hfeea3DhxCKo39TjJXwECcaFoOovelXm5McI1ELwConcluding our very big and exciting wedding weekend, are Rebecca + Bay!  They have chosen to have their big day at a private residence and we can’t wait to transform the space for them to enjoy!  We will be placing landscape lighting throughout the grounds to create a beautiful ambiance for all the guests. We will also be gracing string bulbs in a custom zig zag design to highlight the dance floor and band!  It will definitely be a look that everyone will enjoy the entire night!

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