What’s Coming Up Wednesday!


We have so many exciting events, that we just can’t wait for this weekend to start!  All of our couples have been AMAZING to work with and we can’t wait to see how all of their visions come together for their big days! Make sure to check back on Monday for sneak peeks of the events!

unnamedFor our first couple, we’d like you to say hello to Jenese + John and we are so happy to be a part of their wedding day!  They will be celebrating their new journey together at the stunning John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Va.  These ballrooms have such a classic design that the ambient glow of the lights makes it unforgettable!  We can’t wait to view all of their photos and see how all of their planning came together!

OTolqjHdI23hv-mSC0HNmDuJCelgr9OAQk2teO82b-wNext, we’d like you to meet Kim + CC!  These two will be tying the knot at the always beautiful Signature at West Neck in Virginia Beach! We can’t wait to provide a custom string bulb design to highlight this couples space! The edison bulb style canopy over the dance floor is going to look absolutely stunning! It will definitely get their friends & family out of their seats for a fun night! We’re excited to see how their photographer Tara Liebeck captures their event!

oLM1yyujDT0Ez_Nj89R3STrC1qy6V1qbzeCIo2mRLh8Now, say hello to Stacy + Daniel! This couple will be celebrating their big day at the gorgeous Hermitage Museum & Gardens in Norfolk, Va! These two have chosen to combine string bulbs and edition bulbs for a really fun effect for the night!  Combined with their landscape lighting to highlight the grounds, their wedding is going to look amazing! We can’t wait to see it all the photos of the event from Gambol Photography!

ofRNEI81blLjUq6LRH35oKqLfkb0nCI6dTWrYaFxvisNext up are Allison + Ryan!  These two have been a joy to work with and we can’t wait to help them light up their big day at The Founders Inn in Virginia Beach! They have chosen to add uplighting with touches of color and a gobo to really transform their wedding space! And we know their photographer, Hayne Photographers will do an amazing job capturing it all!

ovX8XeHZu4rp-a0D7lu1FbT5mWocYDzvDevVqy2T-KUNow we’d like you to meet Michelle + Saurabh! These two are not only celebrating this Saturday, but next Saturday as well!  So much planning and design has gone into their big day and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together!  This Saturday they will be celebrating their new journey at The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Va! They will be using uplighting to highlight the architecture of the space as well as a dance floor wash for their first dance! We are looking forward to seeing how Sam Hughes Photography captures it all! We’re also very excited for the following weekend when they transform the Sheraton at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach!

vqrMR_0IvJUogOi1bCVeP7Nvdmejhmprc2oWyMlCDBoThat concludes our Saturday events! Now it’s time for Sundays festivities! Starting us off are Carrie + Josh!  This wonderful couple will be holding their big day celebration at the always amazing John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Va!  We love working there and we’re excited to fill this gorgeous ballroom with soft, romantic colors to create a classic look for their night! We’re excited to see all the photos from Like A Dream Photography of how all of their hard work and details come together!

NBaWhqXphxPqiJZgiQEUQm0Qno0B3ohRTHzGLiLV2soNext up are Shanley + Raymond!  They will also be taking advantage of the beautiful grounds of The Hermitage Museum & Gardens for their big day!  They will be transforming this beautiful venue with landscape lighting and string bulbs to highlight all the events activities!  In addition, they will also be incorporating three of our chandeliers for a dramatic effect! I know we can’t be the only one’s eager to see all the photos from Sharon Elizabeth Photography!

TYXxuoiItXyX_yTWE_Fzmz3eUEaSW08SLKWNMyJIo7sLast but not least, is our fabulous couple Beth + Bill!  We are beyond excited for this wedding at a private Sandbridge residence!.  We will be building a fun & unique bamboo structure for their ceremony space!  For their reception, we will be hanging several chandeliers to create a look their friends and family won’t be able to forget!  We can’t wait to see how Justin Hankins Photography captures it all!

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