What’s Coming Up Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday, and a beautiful one at that!  Let’s all stay positive that todays weather rolls into the weekend, because we have tons of weddings that we couldn’t be more excited for!  Let’s take a look at some of the couples getting hitched this weekend!

LindsayZach_IMG_0952-EditFirst, we’d like you to take a look at our couple, Lindsay & Zach!  These two will be tying the knot at a Private Residence! We’re excited to add touches of blues, pinks, and golds to this couples big day!  You both have a great team behind your wedding and we’re all ready to bring your ideas together!

Meghan + Adam; Engagement Session; September 27, 2012Now, meet Meghan & Adam!  These two lovebirds are getting married at The Hermitage Museum in Norfolk!  They will have string lights and landscape lighting, so remember, happy thoughts about the weather!  The hermitage is a beautiful venue and we cant wait to see what you do with the space!


Next, let’s take a look at Whitney & Russell! This beautiful couple will be getting married at the Obici House in Suffolk!  This is a very classic venue and we are ready to see how all your planning has come together! We can’t wait to light up your venue and highlight all the details you’ve put into your wedding!

Megan_CaseyLast, but not least, we have Megan & Casey!  This is one of our Richmond couples who will be getting hitched this Saturday at the Maymont Park!  These two are also using string and landscape lighting to show off their outdoor wedding!

Congratulations to you all! You’ve been amazing throughout the wedding planning process, and we can’t wait to see how you’ve all transformed your venues to match your personal style!

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