Hurricane wedding

As you can imagine, things are rather busy around here at Blue Steel Lighting as we find ourselves in the midst of wedding season. It is wonderful however, when we can sometimes slow down to remember the importance of each and every wedding day for the couple, as well as why we got into the business ourselves!

Melissa and Jason were like any engaged couple prepping for the Big Day, minus one thing- Hurricane Irene. With the wedding date set for August 28 down in the Outer Banks, the event quickly made the move to Richmond for Friday, August 26 after a mandatory evacuation was announced.

So when PW Photography contacted us about Melissa and Jason, we were ready to jump on board immediately with our fellow Richmond wedding professionals and help give this couple an evening like no other.

The day was a memorable one for all- and especially us wedding pros. As you can imagine, we don’t often have only 24 hours to pull everything together.

We were just thrilled when Arlene Stewart with the Richmond Times Dispatch decided to share Melissa and Jason’s story in the Celebrations feature I do, I do. As you’ll see, our very own Jeramie even received a mention!

Click here to read more about this amazing wedding!

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