Becky and Jayme

Oh yeah!  This  one was crazy…

Becky called me several months ago and wanted an elegant scene to to tie her decor all together, but at the appropriate time, needed me to get the lights going for the party.  Becky was wonderful to work with, her friends think the world of her.  Apparently, Jayme was a member of the National Champion, Florida Gators.  I was very careful not to use any Florida State colors because he could have smashed me with his thumb=)  They were both very nice, and they make an awesome couple.  I wish you guys nothing but the best.

Catie from Catie’s Photography did an unbelievable job.  I didn’t know Catie before this event, but she is super nice and her work in impeccable.   As a lighting person, I only use pictures from great photographers, and a lot of people ask me Why?  And I say, why would I put bad pictures on my website????=) 

One comment

  1. echard wheeler · October 18, 2008

    Go Jeremy! You killed it! You are the best in the biz.

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