Marriott City Center

Wil and Ro had an awesome wedding.  They wanted to incorporate one of their theme colors with lighting and then have some cool effects during the dancing.  Read more about it on Michelle’s blog.  Even though Michelle is my wife, I have to say she does an amazing job.  Scott Hayne did an awesome job on the pics.  He sent me a few to show you guys.  Thanks Scott!

My wife (left) Wil’s wife (right).

This is me carefully analizing the amount of lumen and footcandles of light in the room.  Well, not really, I was just trying to look cool.

One comment

  1. weddingsbymichelle · July 1, 2008

    Great job, buddy! You absolutely completed the look of this one! p.s. You looked cute while doing it, too! =)

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