1. Carolyn Luckadoo · June 3, 2008

    Awesome pictures, and awesome job, Jeremy! Wouldn’t have been the same without your touch.

    Thanks so much,

    Carolyn Luckadoo

  2. bluesteelprolighting · June 4, 2008

    It was an honor to be a part of this wedding. It was the most unbelievable event for unbelievably great couple, I know you are proud. Jeremy

  3. Adina · June 30, 2008

    Jeremy, You are a smart man…I would listen to Michelle’s instruction too! Your blog post made me laugh and I need that on a Monday morning after a busy weekend.

    Great job as always with the lighting. You and your lighting make all the difference in a venue. It really brings things to life.

  4. Ashley Luckadoo McDonald · August 3, 2008

    Jeremy, my wedding was the prettiest wedding ever! Your lighting was such a huge hit, EVERYONE keeps talking about it, even Ryan. Thanks so much for everything you and Michelle did. You are both amazing!

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