Top 10

I have been to 341 weddings. 342 if you count my own.  I have been to 16,865 parties.  This had to be one of the top 10 weddings/parties I have ever been to.  The band was incredible, and the people were awesome.  Jodi and the staff of Sweetwater Cuisine win a Blue Steel Award for their work that night.  I don’t know what a Blue Steel Award is, but I just made it up, and Jodi gets the first one.  She introduced me to the wonderful Paula Wells who wanted to do something special for her niece. 

A very special thank you to Ritchie Gregory for taking these incredible pictures and letting us use them on our site.  Great job!

Tip: Brides to be- flowers are expensive and you need your guest to see all of the beautiful colors, pin spotting allows the flowers to be seen in an otherwise dark room.


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